Countermeasures against Covid-19 Infections

Q. Details of the Covid-19 infection prevention measures at the competition?
A. We plan to manage the event in accordance with the International Skating Union (ISU)’s guidelines, and the measures recommended by the local government.

About the Competition

Q. Who are the competitors?
A. Entry has announced.
Q. In what order will the competitors skate?
A. Short Program and Rhythm Dance: The order of skating will be drawn for each group based on the "ISU World Standings" immediately prior to the competition.
Free Skating and Free Dance: Normally, the order will be drawn for each group in reverse order of their performances in the Short Program and Rhythm Dance.
*The method of determining the order of skating may be subject to change depending on the Covid-19 infection prevention measures.
Q. Where is the Kiss & Cry?
A. It will be located on the left side of the judges' seats on the north side of the rink. Please see the simplified map on the ticket page for details.
Please be aware that the location is subject to change without prior notice due to the status of preparations.

Venue Facilities and Equipment

Q. Is there a place to leave my baggage?
A. There is no place to leave baggage. Large items such as suitcases are not allowed.
Q. Is there a place to leave strollers?
A. There is no place to leave strollers.
Q. Is there a parking lot or bicycle parking lot?
A. Paid parking is available (7:00-24:00). The Keyaki Hiroba parking lot is open 24 hours a day. If the parking lot is full, please use a nearby parking lot. There is also a free bicycle parking lot (9:30-23:30).

Rules for spectators

Q. Is it possible to take photos of official practice, competitions, and exhibitions?
A. Spectators are not allowed to take photos in the venue.
(Photography by phones, tablet devices, etc., is also prohibited.)
Q. Can I drop in gifts or flowers?
A. As part of measures to prevent the spread of infections, dropping gifts or flowers is prohibited for the safety of competitors and spectators.
Q. Can I give a gift to a competitor?
A. As part of measures to prevent the spread of infections, bringing gifts to competitors is prohibited.
Q. Can I display cheering banners in the venue?
A. Cheering banners are not allowed to be displayed in the venue. If banners are displayed on the venue walls or handrails, they will be removed.
However, you may use hand-held banners at your seat.


  • Please be careful not to disturb other spectators seated in the vicinity.
  • Hand-held banners must be of a size that does not extend beyond your seat.
  • Banners other than for cheering purposes (including banners deemed as advertisements by the organizer, such as company names and product names) are prohibited.
  • We will not be responsible for any problems that may arise between spectators.
Q. I would like to send a gift to a competitor. Can I send one directly to the venue?
A. Please refrain from sending gifts.
Q. Can I eat or drink in the venue?
A. Eating and drinking are allowed only during breaks. You may also drink during the competition. Please be considerate of other spectators when eating and drinking.

About Tickets

Q. What are the benefits of Premium seats?
A. You will receive an original bonus gift from the World Figure Skating Championships 2023 that is not for sale.
Original cushion & Original bag.
Q. Will there be any personal identification?
A. You may be asked to present identification.
(Available forms of identification are passport, driver's license, individual number card, resident card, special permanent resident card, health insurance card, physical disability certificate, and physical disability certificate.)
*All forms of identification must have a photograph.
Q. Will standing seats be sold?
A. Standing seats will not be sold.
Q. Are there any tickets available for overseas residents?
A. Yes, we will sell seats by lottery starting on November 3.
It's sold out.
Q. Will tickets be sold at the door?
A. Not yet determined. If we do, we will announce it on the championships website.
Q. If I have lost my ticket, can it be reissued? Can I enter the venue?
A. Tickets cannot be reissued for any reason. Admission with proof of purchase is also not accepted.
Q. Can I enter the venue if I forget to bring my smartphone in which the electronic ticket is stored?
A. You will not be able to enter the venue. Admission with proof of purchase is also not accepted.
Q. Can I enter and exit during the competition?
A. You can enter and exit during the competition.
Q. Can I re-enter the venue?
A. Re-entry is allowed.

About Wheelchairs

Q. Do you have wheelchairs available for rent?
A. We do not provide wheelchairs.
Q. Can I enter the venue with a wheelchair?
A. Wheelchair users must purchase a wheelchair ticket. Please note that due to the structure of the facility, tickets for arena and stand seating are not available.
It's sold out.
Q. Is there a place to leave my wheelchair?
A. No. If you are using a wheelchair, please purchase a wheelchair ticket and watch the games from the designated area.
Q. If I purchase wheelchair seats, can I use the venue's parking lot to come to the venue by car? Is parking free of charge?
A. Yes, parking is free of charge for wheelchair seat ticket holders. Details on parking will be provided later to those who have won wheelchair tickets.

On-site Merchandise Sales

Q. Will competition pamphlets be available for sale?
A. Yes.
Q. Will merchandise be sold at the venue?
A. Please check the detail.


Q. How can I get to the venue?
A. Please check the Access page.
Q. Can I see the Small Medal Ceremony?
A. The Small Medal Ceremony can be viewed by those who purchased E-tickets for the day of the Small Medal Ceremony and who were randomly selected (only winners of the randomly selected draw process can view the ceremony). Paper ticket purchasers will not be able to see the ceremony. Please see the ticket page for details.
Q. Is it cold inside the venue?
A. The venue is a skating rink, so you may get cold if you watch the games for a long time. Please wear clothing that will allow you to adjust your temperature.
Q. About the baggage check
A. Please come to the venue as early as possible as baggage will be checked when entering. In order to prevent suspicious items from being brought into the venue, we will be checking everyone's hand luggage, coats, etc. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your cooperation in ensuring safety at the venue.